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Welcome to Candlelight Systems, your premier destination for Ketra lighting solutions. At Candlelight Systems, we understand the transformative power of lighting, and we specialize in creating immersive environments tailored to your unique needs. With our expertise in Ketra lighting, renowned for its precision, quality, and customizable features, we ensure your space is not just illuminated, but elevated to new heights of sophistication and functionality. Trust Candlelight Systems to design and install your Ketra lighting system, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your surroundings and enrich your experience.



Experience seamless customization with our innovative system, simplifying setup according to your preferences. With the integration of Ketra’s light sources into Lutron’s renowned HomeWorks Designer software, designing and activating your lighting environment has never been easier. Harness the intuitive power of the Lutron Connect app to effortlessly personalize the intensity of Ketra’s Natural Light, catering to your discerning taste with ease and precision.

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Craft custom experiences with handpicked settings tailored for any occasion and emotion. Whether hosting guests or seeking ambiance, you have the power to orchestrate immersive environments across various spaces. From festive gatherings to intimate evenings, the interplay of ambient, accent, and task lighting forms the cornerstone of each meticulously curated scene.

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