Lutron’s RadioRa 3: The Perfect Fit for Controlling Light

The new RadioRa 3 processor from Lutron is incredible. The perfect tool for controlling light in a “finished” home or project by saving the client from the headache of cutting into dry wall and running low-voltage wires. This new RF technology gives you access to all the Lutron product perks without any of the mess.

Moreover, The new, all-in-one processor for RadioRA 3 systems reduces installation time by combining the RadioRA 2 main repeater and connect bridge into a single device. New, built-in QuickFind software makes it easy to locate the processor on the home network during setup. Powered by PoE (via Cat5e or better), the RadioRA 3 processor optimizes home RF coverage by making centralized, power-receptacle-free installation possible. It is recess-, shelf-, and junction-box mountable for a neat and tidy finish, and to keep the router protected. PoE-enabled router unavailable? Lutron has you covered – a processor kit with PoE injector is available.

Tackle bigger projects for new clients as well as upgrades of existing RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select installs. The processor utilizes Lutron’s ultra-reliable Clear Connect RF technology, meaning RA3 is backwards compatible* with RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select. One RadioRA 3 system controls a maximum of 200 Sunnata RF devices and up to 200 compatible RA2, RA2 Select and Lutron automated shades. And now, up to four processors can be used to increase flexibility and extend RF coverage to devices installed beyond the range of a single processor.

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