Draperies And Texture

Working in window treatments for the past 40 years, Candlelight Systems has seen it all.

From the swag & cascades era, to the wood blinds and shutters stage, from the office-style vertical blinds period, and everything in between.

In 2023, draperies are making a huge comeback!

Draperies don’t only add texture to a room, but they can become the centerpiece of the conversation.

For example, look at this recent project we manufactured and installed for BWD:

jaw dropping.

Candlelight stands apart from other window treatment providers by offering

it’s own Work Room for soft fabrics.

While other companies outsource their jobs,

we produce window treatments in-house and pass that savings onto you.  

Let us quote your next job.

Looking to add draperies to your next remodel or new-build?

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