Candlelight Systems Featured in Coto Living Magazine

Note: the following article was featured in Coto Living magazine.

This month, we pull back the shades and share an in-depth look at one of our great sponsors, Candlelight Systems. For more than 35 years, Candlelight Systems has provided design professionals, architects, builders and homeowners with an innovative and diverse selection of window treatment options. The company designs and installs everything from Lutron motorized roller and cellular shades, to its own line of custom draperies, Roman shades, and shutters; specializing in automation and motorization.

Candlelight Systems shares with Coto Living a bit about their business and offers some sage shade advice about today’s current window treatment options and trends.

What sets Candlelight Systems apart?

Candlelight Systems is family-owned with three generations of family still running the company. Coto resident, Michelle Caruso-Leyritz, also compliments the team as a Project Manager and Designer. According to CEO Tom Harhay, it is the ability of window coverings to influence an aesthetic without requiring extensive time and money that has made Candlelight Systems a crucial part of new build and remodeling projects. “We understand how important the little things can be,” Harhay explains. “Starting with our front office, all the way through to our installers, Candlelight Systems realizes that without exceptional and prompt customer service, we would not be successful. Our team strives for reliability in our service, products, and communication.”

Tell us about the heroic father-daughter dynamic on your team.

In addition to professionally striving to continually offer the best customer service to his clients, Tom is also a devoted family man. In 2011 his daughter, Lyndsey, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), which is a swift cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

Friends and family rallied the support of the community by organizing multiple fundraisers and blood drives during Lyndsey’s fight.

Lyndsey has been clear of cancer for eight years now and helps run her father’s company. “My dad is a brilliant businessman (and) an extremely hard worker with great morals,” Lyndsey shares. “Not only is he exemplary in his professional life, but he is an amazing family man that is extremely generous and dedicates his life to supporting his family.”

What kinds of window treatment renovations are homeowners asking for today?

We are finding that our clients are transforming their indoor living areas with their outdoor spaces. Each of these renovations require specific solutions for shading, glare, motorization and lighting control to maximize the benefits of these inclusive entertaining and living spaces.

Tell us more about the advantages of Lutron motorized shades?

Lutron is the premiere shading manufacture for the highest quality, lowest decibel and intelligent shades on the market. Lutron offers scalable solutions that can fully integrate with any lighting control and audio-visual control systems in the market. What sets Lutron shades apart is the ability to have precise intelligent hembar alignment, which no other shade on the market has.

What new window treatment renovation trends are you most excited about?

One of the most exciting areas we see exponential growth is with integrating our motorized shading line and our Lutron lighting control lines with VOICE ACTUATED CONTROLS. This includes Google Home, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.

What advice would you give to homeowners living through a renovation? Tips for making it less stressful?

To make a renovation less stressful, we feel it is important for the end-user to clearly communicate to their designer or field specialist their needs and concerns. This gives the opportunity to allow the client to be part of the solution and take pride and ownership in their ideas.

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