625 Broadway: Collaboration With Designers, Builders and Architects


Learn how Candlelight Systems worked with the trades to give a makeover to a historic building

The John D. Spreckels building was downtown San Diego’s first high-rise building. In 2014, it was purchased by Hammer Ventures to be repurposed from office space to luxury apartments.

Candlelight Systems is proud to have been a part of this significant makeover, providing over 1100 solar shades for 13 stories.

As is typical with these projects, our participation in this project involved collaborating with the designers, builders and architects who came together to make this happen.

San Diego High Rise

During the planning process, we supplied mock up and shading samples to all designers, builders and architects.  The building has ceilings that are 12 feet high in the flats and up to 29 feet in the penthouse, with oversized windows.  Candlelight Systems ensured each shade was custom-measured and installed to account for the unique dimensions of this building.

Although the building has been renovated, it maintains a look and feel that honors its heritage.  Stepping inside its lobby, you see bronze metal doors to the elevator, and a blend of old and new throughout.  In this environment, Candlelight Systems will also be designing and installing soft treatments for all lounge and amenity areas, which will include draperies and roman shades.

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