Beautiful Shutters Manufactured In The USA

Wood Shutters

Solid Basswood is used for all our wood shutters. Contrary to some false claims, wood shutters do not peel, warp or fade.  They are very durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, can be easily re-finished years from now. We have installed wood shutters in humid areas as well as the hot desert without any problems. The only place that wood shutters would not be recommended would be over a water source. As with any wood product, exposure to water can cause damage.


Poly Plantation Shutters

Poly Shutters are made of solid poly components. Many shutters on the market today are made of hollow vinyl or vinyl wrapped products, but our materials offer you the benefit of added insulation for both heat and cold. Our Poly Shutters are over 7/16” thick, providing more protection and insulation from the elements. Most vinyl wrapped shutters are only 1/16” thick.

Further improving our quality is the fact that our synthetic shutters are painted with a UV inhibiting paint, increasing the lifespan of our products over the others on the market. Ideal for hospitals, schools, and hotels, our poly shutters are also water-resistant and fire retardant.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters add curb appeal to your home and enhance the look of commercial properties. They are typically painted in vibrant colors as well as black and shades of browns. Our exterior decorative shutters are manufactured with the same durable materials we use for interior shutters but are finished with custom exterior paint. They are all custom built so they're made to your specifications and style. They can be built from your designs or drawings, or you can select from many popular styles.

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