Outdoor Shades

Create comfortable, functional outdoor spaces

Your New Outdoor Living Space

Creating an Outdoor Living Space is easy with outdoor shades. Whether you're making your home's porch or sunroom more comfortable, or adding charm to your restaurant or business, shading systems can expand the space available to you and improve the atmosphere.

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Outdoor Shades & Patio Shades for the Home

At Candlelight Systems, we work with Southern California homeowners to create custom shading solutions designed around your needs. From patio shades to many varieties of outdoor shades, we'll work with you to design a solution that perfectly suits your space.

Have unique decor? We're able to work with any room design, creating a shading system that works naturally with your preexisting style.

Not only can outdoor shades improve comfort and convenience, they're also energy-saving and add privacy to formerly open spaces.

Outdoor Shades for Businesses

In a commercial context, outdoor shades are all about saving time and energy, as well as improving the customer experience. A shading system helps automate a commonly repeated manual process. With a single touch, watch shades throughout your establishment open or close.

Set your shades to take advantage of the day's natural rhythms, using sunlight to your advantage to heat your building (or blocking it to keep cool). Work with us to design a shading system that enhances your customer's experience by improving your business's atmosphere, and creating usable, comfortable outdoor space.

Talk to us today about outdoor shades for your Los Angeles or Orange County business.

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