Lutron Lighting Control

Personalize your light in any space

Smart Lighting Solutions

Lutron gives you the freedom to personalize your light in any space, helping you save time and adding convenience to your everyday routine at home. Imagine if rather than going around to flip switches on and off, one by one, you could change your lighting with a single touch.  At Candlelight Systems, we can help you create custom lighting designs and controls centered around your family's needs.

Your Home On Autopilot

What if you could put your home's lighting on autopilot? With lighting control systems, not only can you control your lighting environment with a single touch; you can also program your home to automatically adjust the lights and blinds at a certain hour of the day. Hit a "Sleep" preset to dim or turn off the lights in any room you like to darkness, helping your family gradually get to sleep. Or even create a preset for your next dinner party, complete with atmospheric lighting!

Control Lighting, Shades & More

Candlelight Systems is proud to provide lighting control through Lutron's RadioRA 2 wireless light control system.  RadioRA2 can control not only lights and shades but also audio/visual devices and climate.  We work across Southern California, from Los Angeles and Orange County to San Diego. Connect with our experts today to learn how a lighting control system can help your home.

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