Media Décor

Photos courtesy of Media Décor / Leon Speakers

Hide Your Technology with Art

Media Décor offers solutions for creating a more versatile space by hiding your entertainment technology with art.
When not in use, your television is fully hidden behind a moving art screen or an art lift. This allows you to avoid choosing between the aesthetic you want for your room, and the entertainment features you want to incorporate.

Always Ready for Entertainment

Media Décor has multiple products to match the décor of your room, and the function you need. The Edge Media Frame contains both the television and speakers, containing everything in one sleek unit. Moving Art Screens completely conceal televisions up to 100" with custom artwork that you choose, and gorgeous frames. Moving art lifts are perfect for covering your television with original artwork, then moving it with a single touch.

Elegant Design

At Candlelight Systems, we work closely with interior designers and directly with homeowners to provide design solutions customized to your needs. We love recommending Media Décor whenever your goal is to subtly hide your television.  We work across Southern California, from Los Angeles and Orange County to San Diego. Give us a call or make an appointment to stop by our showroom to learn more!

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